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Laminate Veneers

The reason why they are called laminate veneers is that thin porcelain layers are bonded on frontal surfaces of teeth, generally for aesthetic purposes. Laminate veneer preparation includes approximately 0,5 mm enamel depth of teeth. In some cases, the veneers are bonded with no tooth preparation involvement. 


Due to high light transmittance of laminate veneers, not only is their aesthetic appearance satisfactory, but also, they are perfectly biocompatible with gingival tissues.

Before deciding for laminate veneers, a preliminary work can be done on teeth or models and the patient can have an idea about the appearance of the planned restorations.

Laminate veneers are applied when spaces between teeth are needed to be covered for aesthetic purposes and these spaces cannot be closed with orthodontic treatment (see Orthodontics) providing desired result. Furthermore; laminate veneers are aesthetically used for impaired color or structure of teeth and former fillings, mild orthodontic disorders, discolored teeth that cannot be bleached successfully.

Laminate veneers cannot be applied to patients with habitual clenching and grinding, nail biting and severe gum diseases. However; laminate veneers can be used after eliminating these existing problems.


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