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Bone Grafts & Sinus Lifting Procedure

Bone meal, also called bone graft is biologically compatible material with human tissues. Bone grafts are used to regenerate bone tissues that are lost due to various reasons. These grafts accelerate the recovery and also increase the bone volume. Bone grafts may be human-based, animal-based or syhthetic.


Sinuses are anatomic cavities that are located between cheekbones and roots of the upper molar teeth. Sinusitis, also known as a sinus infection is inflammation of these cavities.

The lower borders of sinuses may decline, depending on the bone resorption and extraction of the upper molar teeth. This decline makes the remaining bone height insufficient for dental implant treatment.

Through application of bone grafts to the base of sinuses, the sinus lift procedure aims to create increased bone volume in order to enable installation of dental implants in the region.

When bone grafts & sinus lifting are performed, a permanent prosthesis is installed after another 6 months. (see About Dental Implants).



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