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Zirconia Crowns

These crowns are called zirconia crows as they are applied by using zirconia framework in tooth colour rather than conventional gray metal alloy framework and porcelain is used over the zirconia framework. For this reason, zirconia frameworks do not reflect grayish colours of conventional gray metal alloy frameworks.


Zirconia material is highly biocompatible with gingival tissues and does not cause allergic reactions. Also, these frameworks do not lead grayish reflections in the crown-gingival margins, which contributes to aesthetics.

Zirconia material has high durability and with this property, the crowns can be fabricated not only for frontal teeth, also for back teeth areas where  chewing forces increase. However, the bridges more than three crowns may increase the risk of breakage. 

Zirconia crowns can be prepared compatible with natural tooth color. Thus, high aesthetic appearance is obtained.


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