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Fixed Dental Prosthesis

Implant Supported Fixed Crowns & Custom Implants


Implant and over implant crowns consist of three different parts: implant body that represents tooth root, the “abutment” part that connects implant body and crown parts and crown that is applied to the surface of the abutment.


For further details about the implant body, please see: About Dental Implants

Over implant fixed crowns states a very broad concept. These crowns vary according to the need of the patient, the area and the length of the restoration and the desired material (gold alloy supported porcelain crowns, conventional metal alloy supported porcelain crowns, zirconia crowns, full porcelain crowns).

Abutment part represents the tooth prepared for crowning. This part is fixed to the implant body and creates an area where crown is bonded to the implant. Customized implants are obtained if the abutment part is manufactured according to patient’s gingival and surrounding tissues.

Customized Implants

Abutment parts of customized implants are manufactured according to patient’s gingival and surrounding tissues with the help of 3D soft wares. E.g., if a wide molar restoration is needed, the diameter of standard abutments will be narrower for the desired prosthesis. However, this width can be obtained with customized abutments. Thus, masticatory forces on the implant will be more balanced. In addition, aesthetic appearance will be provided as abutments are customized for patient’s tissues, and food impact will be prevented. These advantages will increase the longevity of implant.


Abutment implants are highly tissue-compatible titanium parts. Especially in frontal teeth, titanium abutments may not be preferred due to their greyish colour. In these cases, standard abutments can also be customized using zirconia material that has tooth colour. Thus, the possibility of grey colour reflection on gingival margins will be eliminated. 



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